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Cash Management and Coin Counting

More and more money handling with machines determines many aspects, behind the scenes, of our everyday lives. Cash management and coin counting are no longer just a feature of casinos and arcades. In turn this reliance increases the requirements necessary for modern money handling systems.

Cash Management Systems:

Ellsec are dedicated to the use of first-rate secure receiving and dispensing components for banknotes and coins. The higher the security class, the more secure your money is from unauthorized access.

Money changers by GeWeTe can be equipped with additional features and components depending upon individual requirements. They are optimised in regards to application and remain simple to operate and maintain. We place special emphasis on modern functions, which make networking with other units possible.

Coin Counting Machines:

Coin counting is a time-consuming process, especially when sorting the coins too. Ellsec are distributors of Iberselex Coin Counting machines, which are an effective and reliable way to manage this complicated and unhygienic procedure.

For information on our full range of Cash Management/Coin Counting products and services please call us today.

Alternatively you can consult our strategic partner's websites for individual product information on all the products available to you exclusively from Ellsec.

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